Holistic Podiatry and Osteopathy Services in Doreen

Uncertain about whether a podiatrist or osteopath is the right practitioner for you or your family member’s condition? Please see below the current list of holistic podiatry and osteopathy services and treatments available at En Pointe Health Centre in Doreen.

Chiropodist removes skin on a wart with a scalpel on the sole of foot

Podiatry Services

Our skilled podiatrists treat the following conditions and provide the following services and treatments:

Advanced Podiatry Treatments Available

En Pointe Health Centre provides the latest advanced treatments to our patients using specialised equipment such as the gold standard EMS Shockwave Therapy machine, SWIFT Microwave Wart Therapy treatment and EMS High-Powered Laser.

Radial ESWT

Radial Shockwave Therapy

What is Shockwave Therapy?

Radial Shockwave Therapy (RSWT) is a safe, non-invasive procedure. RSWT uses high pressured acoustic shockwaves that travel through the skin to break down targeted tissue and stimulate tissue repair. The treatment produces an inflammatory response. This results in:

The body responds to RSWT by increasing metabolic activity around the site of pain. This stimulates and accelerates the healing process by promoting the remodelling of dysfunctional collagenous tissue e.g tendinopathies, trigger points, plantar fasciitis and muscle strains. It is hypothesised that this is due to the increased blood flow and the metabolic activity that RSWT enables around the site of discomfort.

RSWT is frequently used when conservative management has failed to resolve notoriously stubborn chronic problems. This research proven treatment is effective in fixing many chronic musculoskeletal conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Achilles tendinopathy (mid and insertion)
  • Patella tendinopathy
  • Shin splints
  • Trigger points
  • Knee arthritis
  • Footwear review
  • Foot posture assessment
  • Orthotic therapy
  • Padding or strapping
  • Exercise load review and management
  • Surfaces exercised and/or worked on
  • Gait function

RSWT in combination with the above has been vigorously tested in randomised control trials and found to improve heel pain by up to 80% in 80% of our population. Please contact our friendly Podiatry Team to discuss your suitability for RSWT.


What is Swift Microwave Wart Therapy?

SWIFT Microwave Wart Therapy is a pioneering treatment that is exclusive to the podiatry profession and provides a precise, efficient and effective way of safely treating verruca lesions on both upper and lower limbs. This treatment is of minimal fuss and allows local precision without damaging healthy tissue. There are many benefits to the patient, including no dressings or change in activities, significant pain reduction and improved overall comfort post-treatment.

SWIFT has a number of proposed effects, including the ability to facilitate the immune response to recognise Human Papillomavirus. This is achieved by transforming virally infected cells into a state of stress by heating the tissue to 42-45 degrees. This hyperthermic range causes the release of the ‘danger signalling’ heat shock proteins from virally infected cells, which includes the maturation of Langerhan’s cells and enhances their migration to the lymph nodes. Cytotoxic T-cells migrate to the epidermis and begin to destroy all virally infected cells (Bristow et al, 2007).

SWIFT therapy

A focused microwave signal is emitted into the skin to a pre-determined depth to ensure only the wart is treated.

A standard SWIFT treatment protocol is a course of 3 monthly treatments. Our skilled podiatrists at En Pointe Health Centre can discuss your specific treatment plan with you in more detail.

The rapid heating of the wart to 42-45 degrees can cause a sudden burst of discomfort or pain. This temperature range is a few degrees hotter than a hot bath and will not cause any serious tissue damage or scarring.

Clinical studies published in the European Journal of Dermatology indicate a success rate of 76%.

Advantages of Swift Microwave Wart Therapy over other modalities include:
  • Rapid treatment time
  • No dressings required
  • No need to self-treat in-between visits
  • Pain relief post-treatment
  • Highly effective
  • Safe non-ionising radiation, which means that it cannot cause damage to the DNA of living things. SWIFT uses low energy levels that only vibrate water molecules within skin cells, in particular wart tissue.

Please contact our friendly team of podiatrists to discuss your suitability for SWIFT treatment.

EMS High-Powered Laser

The latest EMS High-Powered Laser provides effective and rapid improvement to pain and inflammation in minutes. It is extremely exciting to be able to offer our community this treatment and our patients are delighted to be offered a pain-free solution.

Laser treatment works in 2 ways:

  1. Pain Relief: The Dolorclast High-Power Laser inhibits nociceptors located at the injury site, which are responsible for the transmission of pain to the brain. Thanks to its specifically selected wavelength, the Dolorclast High-Power Laser provides a quick and strong analgesic effect without the need for conventional painkillers.
  2. Reduction in Acute Inflammation: The Dolorclast High-Power Laser decreases the amount of prostaglandin (PGE2), a fatty acid derivative responsible for mediating acute inflammation. When released in the tissues, PGE2 leads to dilatation and increased permeability of blood vessels, which in turn manifests clinically as an acute inflammation accompanied by redness and swelling. By mimicking the effect of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) while protecting patients from side-effects and possible addiction, the 905nm wavelength effectively kick-starts the healing process.

Conditions treated?

This is a revolutionary treatment that is pain-free and first in its class for providing instant pain relief without the nasty side effects of anti-inflammatory medication. Got pain and/or acute inflammation? Then this is what you want!

The EMS High-Powered Laser is effective in treating conditions such as:
Please call your En Pointe Health Centre team to discuss your suitability today.
The following contraindications need to be kept in mind when opting for this treatment:

Referrals and Bookings

You can get a referral from your doctor or come and see us directly regarding any osteopathic or podiatry-related condition.

We are obliged to consult with doctors regarding many types of health conditions. Osteopathic treatment may or may not be suitable or appropriate for some medical conditions. People who have recently undergone major surgery or other procedures may not be ready for osteopathic treatment and should seek medical advice before undergoing treatments.

Podiatry treatments may require forms of medication which may, in some cases, conflict with medications you’re currently taking.

Contact En Pointe Health Centre today on 03 9717 5193 to discuss our holistic podiatry and osteopathy services.