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En Pointe Podiatry began in a small room in the heart of Laurimar in 2013. After relocating to our current fit-for-purpose building in late 2016, En Pointe Osteopathy joined our team; hence En Pointe Health Centre was born. We pride ourselves on providing a space where you are always welcome, like you are part of our family. Our health centre is a place where our patients can receive a high standard of care and treatment in a warm and caring environment. We believe in providing you with education that empowers you and helps you understand how you can improve your own health. 

Our team of osteopathy and podiatry experts provides the correct diagnosis and uses the latest evidence-based podiatry and osteopathy treatments to restore you to a comfortable and pain-free life.

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Podiatry Treatment

Our En Pointe Podiatry team of skilled podiatrists is dedicated to looking after the health of your foot, ankle and lower limbs. Your feet are engineering masterpieces that provide a stable foundation for ambulation throughout your lifetime and, when injured or in pain, can throw your balance out. We are a general podiatry practice offering podiatry care for the whole family, from nail and skin care services through to managing foot pain and minor surgeries. All En Pointe Health Centre podiatrists are registered with Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). In addition, all our podiatry experts are members of the Australian Podiatry Association Australia and are committed to ongoing post-graduate education. Working alongside our team of expert osteopaths, we really do provide the complete head-to-toe care for our patients.

podiatrist attending patient in a clinic and performing assessment
Osteopathy clinic

Osteopathy Treatment

At En Pointe Osteopathy, our expert osteopaths take a holistic approach to treating acute and chronic conditions for your whole family at all stages of life. Our holistic osteopathy treatment utilises a combination of soft tissue massage, manipulation and exercise modalities. Our expert osteopaths are highly trained tertiary qualified professionals who have completed a five-year university course and are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). In addition, all our health care professionals are members of Osteopathy Australia and are committed to ongoing post-graduate education.

Need More Information?

En Pointe Health Centre in Doreen was established with one goal in mind to provide
the best care in a warm and friendly environment getting our patients back to living
life pain free.

Contact En Pointe Health Centre on 03 9717 5193 for head-to-toe podiatry and osteopathy care.