Specialised Podiatry and Osteopathy Advice in Doreen

The experts at En Pointe Health Centre are passionate about sharing their specialised podiatry and osteopathy advice with you. Below are their answers to some of your most frequently asked questions.

Important: Please note that our answers are general in nature and may not apply to specific individuals or their medical conditions. Medical situations may include complications, other conditions, medication and similar potentially complex factors that need to be considered.

Kindly call our clinic for a more individualised guide.


A referral is not needed to see our health care practitioners as we are primary health care providers. However, a referral from your GP is required if you wish to claim a Medicare rebate. Your GP will determine your eligibility depending on multiple factors including medical condition, medical history and length of presenting complaint.


En Pointe Health Centre does not offer bulk billing services. We provide a high level of care and education to our patients in our consultations where the fee from Medicare alone is not adequate. We do have Easyclaim available where, provided our patients bring a Medicare card along, the rebate is instantly rebated onto their EFT card. Should you have any queries, please discuss with your En Pointe health care practitioner.

For both podiatry and osteopathy services, our initial appointment is up to 1 hour and our subsequent visits are up to 30 minutes.


We have HICAPS facilities available at our clinic, which means you only pay the gap.


Our treatment times allow for diagnosis and treatment. However, should there be multiple options for patient’s consideration, a summary and treatment plan will be given prior to commencing treatment. You will never feel rushed to make a decision on the day to commence treatment (unless you wish to begin and there is sufficient appointment time left).

Important Note

While you’re scrolling through our FAQ, please note that this is only general information and basic answers, intended to provide you with a useful understanding of treatments and therapies for your needs. Kindly call our clinic for a more individualised guide.

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